Friday, August 10, 2012

Peanuts and Animal Cops

My roommate/best friend refuses to eat peanuts. She says the reason is that she had one once that tasted terrible. I've tried to explain to her that, ya, occasionally you get a bad peanut--but they're like 1 out of 100... the thing to do when you've eaten a bad peanut is to eat another one to get the bad taste out of your mouth. She doesn't like those odds of getting a second bad peanut.
This is a conversation we had some time ago.
Another while ago, I told her about how I can't watch animal cops without ending up watching several episodes. This is because you watch a little bit, and then he just have to keep watching to find out whatever happens to that puppy they found with a fish hook in it's nose. Then, after you finally find out (at two minutes till the hour) they start another episode before they go to commercial break. So you get into that next episode and have to keep watching.
This evening Ashley told me she had tried to watch animal cops. She agreed that you want to find out what happens to the animals. Only the animal that she wanted to find out what happened to ended up having to be put to sleep. Now she says she never wants to watch the show again. I told her that does happen sometimes (okay it happens a lot of the time) but the thing to do is to watch one more episode because the next one will probably have a happy ending.
It suddenly dawned on me that she and I both have the same views of watching animal cops as we have about eating peanuts. I wonder what other aspects of life this peanut analogy could be applied to...

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