Friday, September 14, 2012

Opinions Welcome!

So I've been trying to design a freeze brand. I'm going to actually have one made that I can use on Stormy but also any future horses I might get.
To register the brand I have to submit 3 choices (in order of preference) to the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association for my application, so this is the three I'll put on the application...but I can't decide which one I like best. The first one is my initials, MW...and the M part is basically my logo for my art stuff. The second one has wings for no other reason than I thought it would be a neat design--and riding horses can feel like flying :). The third one was just one I came up with when sketching lots of ways to make an M. 
I like the diamond look and the fact that it looks "brand-y." 

Anyone have any opinions?


monica said...

hi morian - i like one or two i think the m gets kinda lost in the third one monica

Morianart said...

Thanks! I'm leaning more and more towards 1 now too..