Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Challenge #173: Draw something from memory.

I chose My niece, Merrigan. I don't get to see her much. Last time I visited she discovered this cat toy... much to the frustration of my sister's cats. Toby, (one of said cats) in particular, would hear the jingle and come a-running...only to find the baby attached to his toy. The look of chagrin on his face can not be described....

Friday, September 12, 2008

They're like giant windows, with whatever view you want

A few years ago, I painted a mural at a friend's parent's house by their stairs. Now they are having me paint another mural in a coat closet (that is not being used as a coat closet, the door is left open so its more like...a nook.)

I'll post pics of the new mural later when I have a little more done, but I took pictures of the staircase while I was over there the other day.

It's hard to get good pics of it because there's another wall on the other side of the stairs...
I wish I knew more people who wanted mural's done in their house...they're lots of fun to paint. I'd paint a couple in my own house but I can't really decide what to do exactly. Deciding what to paint in my own house is kinda like picking a tattoo...Its something I'd have to see every day and because it'd by my artwork, I'd start noticing all the flaws in it as soon as it's done. Course..a mural is slightly less permenant than a tat...