Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Big Year

I haven't posted in a long time for a good reason. I have been BUSY.
Let me break down the crazy into a timeline:

* In March my best girlfriend and roommate told me she was pregnant and moving out in June.
* In April/May I got several portrait commissions. (It's always flood or drought in this business)
* Also in May started looking for places to rent and found a PERFECT trailer with a storm shelter and 6 acres--meaning I could keep my horse right in my own back yard.
* Then the landlord said the lease was for a year--minimum.
* Then my boyfriend told me to not sign a year lease somewhere
* In June my boyfriend proposed to me (and I said yes)

We are getting married in September (59 days from today to be exact) Which means all the major wedding planning stuff has had to be done immediately. Which hasn't really been difficult, it's just been busy. Oh, and I'm still supposed to be out of my house by the end of July (7 days from today to be exact.)
The boyfriend fiance and I haven't found a house yet.
Since I'm not the live-together-before-being-married type, I will have to put everything in storage and stay at my parents for the last 52 days before I get married. So I have been busy wedding planning, painting portraits, packing everything I own (and trying to sell some of it on craigslist.) And wouldn't you know it, my Etsy page is doing booming business this month! Now my Etsy store isn't huge so "booming" for me means 13 sales so far. But those are orders that have to be made and shipped while still doing my regular job and all this other stuff.

I'm too happy and excited and eager for September to get here to be TOO stressed though :)