Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This is how stormy looked when I met her. She hadn't been ridden in a while but was certainly not under-fed. Note her neck...(horses get a crest of fat on their neck when they are overweight). Her neck looked like a draft horse it was so thick. 

And here is a pic I took last friday after a ride (if that wasn't already obvious from the saddle shaped sweat mark on her back) Note how much more muscular her hindquarters are. and her neck..there's definition now! Her chest also looks very different. she has chest muscles now whereas before there was no definition there, and her neck just kinda merged into her chest. I was told by a new friend recently that I should try showing her in halter classes. which makes me sooo excited to think about.

Here's another picture...and in-between shot. Taken last summer. I just think she looks purdy in it:

Friday, May 25, 2012

Feeling Very Blonde

I hate it when I make air-headed mistakes. It seems to just confirm the whole dumb blonde stereotype, (also hate when I do something stupid driving-wise because it helps the whole women can't drive stereotype.)

So what did I do that was so air-headed? Well, lots of things...but lets see if you can guess what I'm actually talking about in this instance.
It has to do with my giveaway I had recently.

That's right. I forgot how many winners I was supposed to have! I feel so dumb....

So, without any further ado, in the order that random.org picked them....the OTHER FOUR WINNERS ARE.......

comment #19---Tricia Vaughan
comment #1----Tiffany Ann Grimm
comment #3----Jamie Shipman
comment #12---Nicole and Arlo

Monday, May 21, 2012

Grainy Small Photos

I had NO IDEA that I could instagram-ize any pictures in my "camera roll" until yesterday. I thought you just had to take the picture with instagram. I'm a little slow with technology stuff. So I've had fun since then. 

Stormy's muzzle-area is kinda old-looking and wrinkly and lumpy and whiskery and I love it. I don't kiss her on the muzzle, though. Not because that would be gross, because her whiskers are seriously itchy. I kiss her on the bridge of her nose instead.
And that is Katy the sweet mamma kitty and her two babies who are named Rascal and Dancer. Dancer is coming home with me in a few weeks (shhh!)
Next is one of the dilapidated houses on Main st. in Luther, Oklahoma.
And then Stormy again (the first time I saw that face I thought, she's so cute! Next thought was..wow...she's big.) And the last picture is Bella. Doesn't that face just cheer you up? Well it does me.

Friday, May 18, 2012


And the winner of a kitten pillow is...

Comment #10, Annotations!

Thank you everyone who entered!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

At the Farm

  Bibby's single kitten has started wandering off on his own a little. Last night he wandered a little then mom thought she could go get something to eat and he started mewing pathetically till she came and "rescued" him. I wonder if kittens who are only children are more clingy to their mothers since they don't have littermates to keep them company.

No...no clingy at all....

  Sometimes I wonder if Stormy might be part draft. Here is why. Look at that butt! This is why riding her at a gallop feels like you're riding a locomotive. When I bought her I was told she was half Appaloosa. But the "spots" that were pointed out to me as her appaloosa spots are just dapples that she gets in the summer. And she has a very VERY thick mane and tail which are not appaloosa-like at all. She also has no striped hooves, no visible sclera most of the time, and no mottled skin.

She's got a pretty shoulder, too.

Friday, May 11, 2012

New Items in My Shop

I have two cat toys available now in my shop. They have been field tested. They hold up well to cats kicking and biting in their attempts to "kill" them. They are filled with catnip. 

I also have two new Cryptid coloring pages. After I get a few more done they are going to all come in one book, available in either a PDF file or an actual printed book. After that I'm thinking I won't have the pages for sale individually.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Boston Brigade

This is Jax. He's been adopted and has a loving home,
thanks to Boston Brigade.

I knew when I was writing the post about the giveaway that May 15th rung a bell somehow. I even Googled it, thinking that was some kind of holiday.  (No, I wasn’t getting it confused with Mother’s Day on the 13th.)
Finally, after publishing the post, and posting about it on Facebook and Etsy I finally remembered. The 15th is the day of the Boston Brigade Rescue online auction! Now, I don’t think they really conflict much, since I’m giving away cats, but I want to make sure and post about the BBR Auction in the days leading up to it—not about my giveaway.
So. Here’s my first post  to tell everyone that follows this blog (all 5 of you…) that Boston Brigade’s online auction is May 15 at 9:00am until May 20 at 9:00pm.  All proceeds will help with much needed funds to help with vetting and medical care for the Boston's in their rescue. 
Click here for the event page on Facebook
And here is the rescue’s Facebook page. Make sure and scroll through their photo’s and look at all the Boston’s you could be helping by bidding on items at their auction!

Like these*

Luca needed surgery to fix his hip after being hit by a car

 Oscar was rescued with a horribly infected eye that needed to be removed

 Bella needed surgery on her prolapsed uterus

*all photos are from and belong to Boston Brigade rescue!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My First Blog Giveaway!

What's being given away?
Five pillow kittens. There will be five winners, each winner gets one kitten. 
How do I enter?
Comment on this post before May 15 18 and you are entered to win! 
Winners will be announced Tuesday, May 15 18
Winners will be selected using random.org and announced on my blog--so make sure and check back here on (or soon after) May 18! 
The winners can choose which of the two kitten designs they would like and can choose a back fabric as well, winners can contact me with their shipping info and kitten choice by emailing me at morianart@gmail.com.


Edited to add: click on the pictures of each kitty to see more pictures and info on them.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Here's a Preview

I'm going to be hosting my first ever blog giveaway TOMORROW

Here is a hint as to what it will be: