Monday, May 21, 2012

Grainy Small Photos

I had NO IDEA that I could instagram-ize any pictures in my "camera roll" until yesterday. I thought you just had to take the picture with instagram. I'm a little slow with technology stuff. So I've had fun since then. 

Stormy's muzzle-area is kinda old-looking and wrinkly and lumpy and whiskery and I love it. I don't kiss her on the muzzle, though. Not because that would be gross, because her whiskers are seriously itchy. I kiss her on the bridge of her nose instead.
And that is Katy the sweet mamma kitty and her two babies who are named Rascal and Dancer. Dancer is coming home with me in a few weeks (shhh!)
Next is one of the dilapidated houses on Main st. in Luther, Oklahoma.
And then Stormy again (the first time I saw that face I thought, she's so cute! Next thought's big.) And the last picture is Bella. Doesn't that face just cheer you up? Well it does me.


colleen said...

A lovely group of photos! Horse lips are so strange, but cool, too.

Morianart said...

Thank you Colleen :)