Thursday, May 17, 2012

At the Farm

  Bibby's single kitten has started wandering off on his own a little. Last night he wandered a little then mom thought she could go get something to eat and he started mewing pathetically till she came and "rescued" him. I wonder if kittens who are only children are more clingy to their mothers since they don't have littermates to keep them company. clingy at all....

  Sometimes I wonder if Stormy might be part draft. Here is why. Look at that butt! This is why riding her at a gallop feels like you're riding a locomotive. When I bought her I was told she was half Appaloosa. But the "spots" that were pointed out to me as her appaloosa spots are just dapples that she gets in the summer. And she has a very VERY thick mane and tail which are not appaloosa-like at all. She also has no striped hooves, no visible sclera most of the time, and no mottled skin.

She's got a pretty shoulder, too.


colleen said...

Now there's a big horse butt! She's a statuesque girl, that's for sure!

It took me a moment to even see the kitten in the second photo--nope, not clingy at all!

Ivana Watkins said...

They are gorgeous! I always wanted to have a horse :)