Wednesday, February 28, 2007

my process

Apperently I took photographs of my process on this piece, "girl with a violen." I did it a couple of years ago, back when I had an OC (Oklahoma Christian University) laptop. I have since dropped out of college and turned in my laptop, but this morning I decided to bring some of my old back up CD's to work, to look at what all they contained. I had totally forgoten that I ever took these pictures.
So here it is:

I drew the different elements of the scene, the girl and the house, on tracing paper.
Then, arranged them where I wanted and taped them together.
Then I traced them onto watercolor paper with a black pen. I didn't trace everything,
and some details were just traced in pencil.

Next, the colored pencil. Only Prismacolors will do.

Then more colored pencil, and some acrylic paint.

More paint, more color, more pen, lots of layers. The final illustration:

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Testing 123

Well I decided to make a blog on blogspot. I've tried livejournal and greatestjournal in the past, and I've got a myspace (*shudder*) actually I only got one to keep in touch with some friends, and have actually found it great for finding new music...but it seems most people don't use their myspace as a blog. I figure I'll use this one as mostly an art blog.
Anyway, I just want to see how this works.