Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Testing 123

Well I decided to make a blog on blogspot. I've tried livejournal and greatestjournal in the past, and I've got a myspace (*shudder*) actually I only got one to keep in touch with some friends, and have actually found it great for finding new music...but it seems most people don't use their myspace as a blog. I figure I'll use this one as mostly an art blog.
Anyway, I just want to see how this works.


Jason & Nicole said...

I'm very glad to find your art blog!


Whatbox said...

haha thanks. I just started it (as you can tell)...how'd you find it?

phthaloblu said...

I love the view! Great piece. Glad you decided to share your work.

E-J said...

Great drawings, with some unique viewpoints/crops! Nice to "meet" you and welcome to EDM.