Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This is how stormy looked when I met her. She hadn't been ridden in a while but was certainly not under-fed. Note her neck...(horses get a crest of fat on their neck when they are overweight). Her neck looked like a draft horse it was so thick. 

And here is a pic I took last friday after a ride (if that wasn't already obvious from the saddle shaped sweat mark on her back) Note how much more muscular her hindquarters are. and her neck..there's definition now! Her chest also looks very different. she has chest muscles now whereas before there was no definition there, and her neck just kinda merged into her chest. I was told by a new friend recently that I should try showing her in halter classes. which makes me sooo excited to think about.

Here's another picture...and in-between shot. Taken last summer. I just think she looks purdy in it:

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annotations said...

Looks like she's always been beautiful!