Thursday, June 7, 2012

Siri, You're Not Helping

This has been a stressful last couple of weeks. Good stress and bad stress. Lack of sleep. Anyway, since I got an iPhone at the beginning of the year I have found it unbelievably useful. It helps me remember some things. It's probably even useful enough to be worth the high phone bills. Siri, however, has been soooo un-useful.
She really makes me mad. Maybe different people get different Siris.
Or maybe she's just retaliating because I've been too mean to her. But I can't help get mad when she doesn't know where ANYTHING IS! (Ask her for gas and she'll take you to a gas station 9 miles away when there's one less than a mile from you...she doesn't know where any of the stores in Edmond are, she can't understand anything I say, AND she miss-pronounces my name!) Well everyone mispronounces my name so that one's kind of forgivable...

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annotations said...

I am glad to know you baffle technology. I bet I'd have fun messin' with Siri, too! Go forth and confound.