Friday, March 2, 2007

What I do at work

I've truly been blessed with a great job. I sit around and draw for a living. I am an artist at an embroidery company. not the kind you take your little league team's hats to to have their team logo embroidered on, the kind where people buy the designs to embroider on their own stuff at home. (a niche i didn't even know existed before I worked here) There are two of us artists there, we draw artwork in "packs" of 20 or so designs, then hand them over to digitizers, who basically trace them using special software that tells the machine where exactly to stitch and how thick and what direction and when to stop and changethread colors and all that. here are some "before and after" examples of a couple designs from a pack called "Mo' Cuddly Garden"

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phthaloblu said...

Sweet! When you have to work as much as you do to make a living, it's good to have a job that you're happy with. This is are really cool and I just love the colors.