Monday, December 8, 2008

pet portraits

I got a small job doing a pencil portrait of my vet's receptionist's friend's cat (whew.) but haven't been able to do it yet because I'm having computer troubles. See, the picture she gave me it the only picture she's got, so I don't want to get it crumpled or dirty--So I need to scan it in to my computer (then I'm going to enlarge it to the size I want the actual portrait to be before printing it out.) Well, my computer at home doesn't like having things plugged into both USB ports apparently. so when I plug in my scanner/printer then my mouse stops working. And I can't enlarge the picture very well with out a mouse. Very annoying. So I need to bring the photo to work to scan it in and I keep forgetting to. I wish I was better at computer things.

So here's a quick pencil portrait of my cat Gypsy since I haven't finished (or started) the portrait of that lady's cat yet.

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Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

You could also take the photo to Kinkos/FedEx store and have them scan and enlarge/sharpen it for you. That's my back up plan for when I have technology issues!