Thursday, February 19, 2009


I love books. Not just reading...books. I always have. I Love the way the pages feel, love the smell, love the way books look. Especially old books. I own several books that I have never read (or ever intend to read) that I got simply because they look awesome. Most of them are kinda old. Some are very old. The oldest one was printed in 1890 something if I remember right. (It's called Elementary Lessons in Logic by WS Jevons. I recomend reading his thoughts on how increased fuel efficiency does not lead to a decrease in that fuel's consumption. Interesting stuff.)

One of my favorites in my old book collection is Paris and Environs. It's small, and really old, and full of fold-out maps...a little travellers handbook. It's hardback but has a paper jacket which I think might make it worth something. At least worth more than what I paid. I got it an estate sale where they had a small room absolutely overflowing with books, and I guess the people hadn't wanted to bother putting prices on all those books, so it was just however many you could fit in one paper grocery bag for $5. A friend and I filled a bag together.

I've gotten my books from various places...some of my first I got from library sales at OC. Some from estate sales, a couple from garage sales, and one from a thrift store on 23rd street (Les Trois Mousquetaires, Printed in 1926.) Others came from book sales at the state fairgrounds. I just love rummaging around and finding these little treasures. Now, don't get me wrong...I don't buy every old book I come across, only ones that seem in decent condition. Ant they have to strike me a certain way (Cool illustrations, a famous title or author..intriguing subject matter...)

Anyway, now I'm thinking about selling some of them. I don't ever read them and I feel bad about it. they're just sitting on my shelf and I never even get them down because I don't want to accidentally rip any pages or--heaven forbid--leave one laying around where a dog could get to it. Not sure where I'll sell them online. Craiglist seems to be a bad place to sell things. I guess I'll list them on eBay...poor books.

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