Thursday, January 10, 2013

Soda Review

Pops is a novelty tourist-y restaurant-y destination on Route 66 just outside of Edmond. It's on the way out to Luther (where Stormy is boarded.) So I drive by it frequently. The parking lot is always packed! Their food is nothing special, and really not worth the crowd. The reasons to drive out to Pops are the giant neon soda bottle outside (which looks much cooler at night) 

and the humongous variety of sodas you can buy nowhere else. They're not cheap, but you can build your own 6-pack and try some new things. Recently the boyfriend and I went there and picked 7 soda's to try. Not included that we tried were a key lime pie soda (it was good) and a cherries and cream soda (also good but made my stomach hurt.)

First up:  Reading Draft "Blueberry Birch." We drank this first bottle before I thought to take a picture, I really wish I had...this stuff is BRIGHT blue. Probably has all kinds of bad-for-you food coloring in it. It tastes like blueberries and root beer  Which once you get used to it is pretty good. I really liked it but could see how maybe it's not for everyone. I would recommend at least trying it.

Next up, Empire Bottling Works "Spruce Beer." THIS was by far the grossest soda I have ever tasted. In the bottle it looked like an unfiltered beer, with a slight opaqueness (It's actually a white-ish color but clear-ish). We opened it and were surprised by a strong pine tree smell. Bryan bravely tried it first and commented that "it tastes like Lysol smells." He convinced me to try it and I agree. We threw the rest out.

And to end on a tastier note, Waialua "Mango" soda was very fruity. It was a pale pink color and tasted like mango and a little like pineapple. I definitely recommend this one.

We still have two more sodas to try, but since neither of us are huge soda drinkers really, it might be a while before I review those. If I remember to at all...


Chim Richalds said...

Haha very funny.

annotations said...

I admire your pluck to try the roads less travelled.

I am wondering if the Reading Draft was from Reading, Pennsylvania. That is the area of the country where I went to college. Birch beer is a locally popular soft drink. There is a brand called Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer I used to drink. And it wasn't until a decade or so ago I discovered a bottling company IN my college town also made birch beer, cream soda, and other varieties. I think both are available at Pop's. It's Kutztown Birch Beer, etc.

The horrible Spruce Beer—maybe you should have used to the rest to disinfect something. LOL

Morianart said...

I found their website, and yes they are from Reading PA! I'll have to look for the Kutztown stuff...I really like the root beer/birch beer type sodas, but there's so many to try there and they aren't ALL good. I've tried several root beers from Pops now but I always forget which ones were the ones I really liked--I'm just gonna have to write more blog reviews so I can keep them straight.
Honestly if you happen to like root beer though, I've still never found one I like as well as Barqs.