Saturday, February 9, 2013

So Far Saturday--Finished Trail Horse

A few Saturdays ago I posted the beginning of this painting. Well I've finished it:

 I would like to point out that  most of it was painted with one or two cats in my lap. (When they were cold) And some was painted with a cat on my shoulders (when they were hungry) And a little bit of it was painted with a cat actually standing on my right arm, kneading my forearm while I tried to keep a steady hand. (He was just being a pest!) I think my cats have figured out that I don't stop painting for anything. 

OK, I did stop briefly to and get a picture of the cat standing on my arm while I try and paint.


c.creativity said...

Ha! Very nice work on the painting, especially considering you had cats on your lap, head, and arm while trying to paint! They just have no respect for the creative process, do they?

Morianart said...

No respect at all! At least with this particular painting I don't think they ever stepped on the wet paint on my pallet. Giving a cat a bath is about as difficult as it sounds.