Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bartering Artwork

I confess...I spoil my animals. I rarely buy myself things, but I am always buying new stuff for my cats and dog. But I try and be reasonable about spending ridiculous amounts on things my animals wont even appreciate. However I think my dog might appreciate the obvious craftsmanship that goes into these collars. (ok, well maybe not as much as I do.) but they just look so cool...
However, I don't have $70 or so to spend on a collar for my dog. so I emailed them and asked if they would be willing to trade a collar for a portrait of paco (the owner's dog.) I just got an email back saying yes!
I'm so excited!

an example of a portrait I did of a friend's cat:

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Jason & Nicole said...

Looks great!

Good job on the barter! One time my artist friend Noel did a website for a didgeridoo instrument.