Sunday, March 25, 2012

Confession Time

It's sometimes said that a dog's personality is a reflection of their owner's personality. I hope that's not true of horses. I was told this weekend that my horse is a bully.  

I took it to heart, and am working on nipping it in the bud. She has become very herd-bound, and really gets agitated when I try and ride her away from the other horses. I knew that much. However, I hadn't noticed how much she just pushed me around. She's great in the barnyard, but when I take her on the trail she's pretty bad. So I got a lesson on Friday from my farrier-who-is-also-a-horse-trainer on what to do when she starts throwing a temper tantrum. (That's the best way I could think of how to describe what she does). She demonstrated just how bad she can be, and I got told how to fix things (and that if I don't it will only get worse.) She's going to be going through horsey boot-camp now. Lots of riding like I've said before, and there's going to be a zero tolerance for outright rude behavior (she's bad about trying to rub her face on me.)

*Just to note, she wasn't actually being crazy when the first picture was taken, she was in the process of turning to look at something. And of course in the second picture she had just taken a drink of delicious leaf-filled water and was just liking her lips.


colleen said...

I hope you get things worked out--she's a beautiful horse! I've only just started riding, so I won't even pretend to have advise, other than I've been told not to put up with disrespect from a horse (easier said than done, naturally) because they will take advantage of you!

Rachel Chaos said...

gorgeous horse! we had horses once upon a, named Banner, was a total bully as well. my mom worked and worked with him and he eventually got over himself and was such a great horse to take riding! good luck <3