Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Can you tell what this is?

Looks pretty cool, huh?

To scale:

If you guessed it's paint then you're right. I paint with acrylic paint, which basically turns to plastic when it's dry. I never clean my pallet when I'm done painting, I just cut away the layers when they build up too high. Every few months I put a new blade in my Xacto and start hacking away, and peeling back pretty cool-looking-if-you-ask-me layers of paint. I try and get big chunks.  

But most of the pieces end up small. 

Like-a dis:

I don't know what do do with my pallet layer chunks. But the're so cool looking I don't throw them away. I'm not a pack-rat I swear. I tried putting them in a little bowl for decoration:


Helen P. said...

That's really pretty! But how do you know which paint is wet and usable and which is dry old??

Morianart said...

It all dries so fast...I'll usually paint for an hour at a time, and go off and do something else while paint dries (30 min at least.) Then I come back and it's dry on the canvas--and dry enough on my pallet to just squirt more paint on top and continue painting. After about 24 hours it's dry enough to cut away if I want to.

colleen said...

Very cool! The pieces look great in a bowl, too--definitely worth saving! I never let that much paint get built up on my palette because I was too addicted to the pleasure of peeling those lovely plasticky layers off!

Bif said...

I like the bowl idea. Fun!