Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Exploring Styles (part 2)

I’ve had some fun lately exploring a new style. I would love to do about 398472 more of these. The charcoal/black outlines are actually imitation stained-glass leading. The first try, I did the leading first then painted; but that made filling in those little spaces a little bit of a pain. So the second try, I did the painting first, then started outlining in leading. The second one looks a lot…cleaner. Not sure which one I prefer though. 


annotations said...

This is such a lively style. I just noticed the black you add at the end is kinda thick and tubular. What are you using? I love how you create depth and contour. Love your discovery!

Morianart said...

Thanks :). It's actually "simulated liquid leading" I found it in the glass section at Hobby Lobby.

annotations said...

Fantastic. I was just thinking it reminded me of stained glass! Just love it!