Thursday, July 19, 2012


Lately I have been painting horses, and trying to work on some new pillow pets. It's summer, though, and I'd rather be outside than indoors painting. I bought a light-weight portable easel a few weeks ago, and am going to make myself a collapsible pallet table, and I want to start painting outdoors. I thought about going to the pavilion by the dog park and painting...but I've been too nervous to try yet. I'm not really nervous about the possibility of people watching me paint--no, I'm scared of the wind blowing my canvas onto me, or my easel falling a part, or a dog jumping on me while i'm painting, and all the other awkward moment possibilities. 

In other news, this last 4th of July I found myself taking a cat to the vet. She's getting better and will be going back to the farm soon. She's a very sweet cat, even if she does look a little lop-sided now. (I would say you should have seen her before--but you shouldn't. I wish I could un-see what her eye had looked like before it was removed. *shudders*)
Her little tabby-forehead "M" is crooked now.

And here's some doodles/sketches from a meeting at work:

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