Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dog Show

So for Valentine’s Day the boyfriend and I watched *part* of the first day of the Westminster Dog Show. He had DVR’d it for me. I thought that was sweet. No matter what people’s opinions are on whether breeding dogs is evil, how can anyone who loves dogs not love watching dog shows? (I won’t get in to my opinion on breeding anything.)
I’ll just cover some thoughts/highlights from watching the show:

First of all.
Why do they fluff beagle’s tails now? They look like fox tails. Have they always done this and I just missed it?

 My boyfriend saw this dog and said “looks like a girl without any makeup on.” (As I was sitting next to him without any makeup on.)

They showed this dog getting ready for the show and he said “Oh gees, that dog has tampons all over its head!”

New breed highlights: I love Lundehunds  (even though I’ve never met one)

And this American English Coonhound was the most gorgeous dog in the whole show in my opinion.

That is all.

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