Sunday, February 5, 2012

Winter Cleaning

I've spent several hours this weekend trying to clean out the room in the house that I call my "art room". That was what I meant for the room when we moved in, at least. It reality it is "the room to put things that don't have better place to be put."
So I've done a lot of throwing things away. And a lot of organizing junk I want to keep into plastic drawer things from Walmart.
And a lot of sneezing. It was REALLY dusty in there.
Of course I found lots of stuff that was tempting to sit down and look through more thoroughly. Old photos and old cards and old sketchbooks. Photos got thrown in the new photo drawer, and most cards got thrown away (even though it always makes me feel bad to throw away cards.) And sketchbooks got pictures taken of them.
Then they got put in a drawer.

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