Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How To Make A Cat Toy

First Step:

Paint a mouse


Order fabric with mouse printed on it. 
Sew cat toy and fill with a mixture of polyfill and catnip.
Give to Gypsy for testing


Need to use strong fabric for the back of the toy. 
Regular weight quilting cotton does NOT hold up to Gypsy's fangs and talons.


Helen P. said...

That looks so cool! Onyx is one of those cats that does not care about catnip :(

Morianart said...

Oh, that stinks, It's so much fun getting them drunk on nip!

annotations said...

How about painting canvas? Too thick? I've been buying painting canvas poval placemats at Porch Art Supply off their bargain table...50-cents each.

Morianart said...

The original Is painted on canvas and it is printed on linen/cotton canvas blend fabric. I don't paint right on the toy or pillow because, yes it would be too thick in my opinion. Also, I wouldn't want to risk paint flaking off of it and someone's pet or child ingesting some.

Helen P. said...

Where do you get your fabric printed from? I've been researching for ages and it seems so expensive!

Morianart said...

I get mine from spoonflower.com. It is very expensive per yard, but for what I do with it I find it's worth it--since I make several items out of each yard. It's also more cost effective the more yards you buy at once. (I get my stuff printed on Linen/cotton canvas which they charge $27 per yard for.)