Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kittens Kittens Everywhere

Well last year I "adopted" one of the male cats out at the farm as sort-of-my cat, and got him neutered. But that didn't prevent every female cat on the farm from producing a litter of kittens this spring. *sigh* 
There are now 4 litters and 8 new cats on the farm. Three of them are orange, two are calico, one is black and white, one is solid black, and the last one is--hairless!
I called my vet to ask if a kitten can be born totally bald with mange. They said yes, it can get it from the mom. I said...even if the mom and other two kittens in the litter look just fine and have nice healthy fur? They's "possible."
So I've told my farm-owning friends that I'll adopt the hairless kitten if they will let me. I'll either have myself a hairless cat or I'll be able to get a poor kitten with mange some treatment. 

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