Friday, April 13, 2012


This Week:

--Pedro graduated from basic obedience II...(even though he's passed the CGC and therapy dog test. I wanted to take a class with him for fun)

--I got a lot of laundry done. And a lot of painting. But not enough of either.

--I worked more on training Stormy (that is not her in the picture..that's Buddy) 

--I locked myself out of my car and had to be rescued.

--I hit the car in front of me when I thought the light turned green (It didn't. I'm an idiot.) Neither of us was hurt, neither of the cars were hurt either. (whew!)

--I learned how one measures their vertical jump.** And measured mine (17")

--I read about 250 pages of "A Storm of Swords"

**To measure you're vertical you stand with your dominant arm facing the wall and reach as high as you can. Mark the wall. Then mark your finger tip(s) with the pencil and jump, hit the wall as high up as you can. Measure the difference.

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dshrock said...

sounds like you had a good week :), hope you have a good weekend! congrats pedro!