Monday, April 9, 2012

Stray Livestock. And Squares.

Last weekend I was on my way home from Luther, and saw a calf in the road. He looked colorful...I think he was a longhorn calf. Anyway, I tried to kind of heard him down a gravel road--so he at least wouldn't be on the main road, but a truck zoomed past me and scarred him into running past the gravel road. The truck finally saw my reason for driving slow, and proceeded to swerve several times in an attempt to cut the calf off (he was getting sort of close to rt. 66 by this point.) Another truck came along and the two truck guys ended up chasing it on foot when it ran down into the "river" (basically a dried up creek with a small trickle of inch-deep most Oklahoma rivers.)
This Saturday the neighbor to my friend-who's-house-I-keep-my-horse-at found three stray horses in his yard and thought they were my friend's. So he herded them into his pasture. Where they met our horses (who happen to be three mares and a gelding). They were together for about an hour before my friend came home and got them separated. 

Here's one of them: 

He happens to be a stallion.

Then on Sunday (on my way home again) I saw three more loose horses grazing in the Pecan grove on the corner of Luther Rd. and Rt. 66. 
I hope Stormy doesn't get any ideas seeing all these stray cows and horses running loose. Luckily there's really not a good reason for her to try and escape her 40 acre pasture with all it's nice, new, green grass.

I feel like maybe I write about my animals too much and not enough about my art, here's some pictures of some old paintings I did in college:

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