Thursday, January 5, 2012

An Attempt to start blogging again

So I went to the Deluxe Craft Bazaar last month and had a blast again. I sold a lot more than last year, but then I learned a lot since the year before. Lesson #1: Work harder on the booth

Here's my booth at my first ever Craft fair (not Deluxe):

I'm pretty proud of the amount of improvement. But it was a ton of work. And I couldn't have done it without help from my best friend, my boyfriend and my mom.

Lesson #2
Have some cheaper items. I did sell three paintings, but one was very small and therefore rather cheap and one was to my mother so that doesn't really count.
I sold Pillow animals and necklaces and postcards (not pictured):

These Pug Pillows sold out! and fast! That was a nice surprise. The necklaces didn't sell that well for some reason. Probably because there's already a lot of jewelry at the fair.

Lesson #3: Accept credit cards!!

I also dressed up more and worked really hard at greeting every person that came near my booth. But I attribute my rise in sales to those main 3 lessons.

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