Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cryptid Coloring Book

I'm working on several new things for my etsy shop right now. Most of them won't be listed for a while because they take time to make, but watch out for new pillow pets and necklaces and paintings. But one of the things I'm most excited about because its just been so much FUN to work on is a cryptid coloring book.  I'll list some individual printable pages in a few days, and after I have more pages finished I'll offer the whole thing as a printable pdf book. I'm trying really hard to create line drawings that are fun to color. Here's what one of the pages looks like:

And a close up:

I'm not usually a fan of watermarks...I think a lot of artists use them online because they are paranoid about their work being copied--and rightly so. But a painting is just really hard to see with a watermark across it (And most paintings already don't look as good in a photo as they do in real life.)
buuut I think I'm going to watermark my coloring book pages. I'm hoping people can still see them well enough to decide if they want to buy them.... 

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