Monday, January 23, 2012

Coloring Pages

Four Cryptid Coloring pages are now available!
It's actually been a lot of fun to draw simple line drawings stuff for a change. I draw "linework" for my job as an embroidery artist frequently but then I'm having to constantly think about the path the stitches will take, and whether there be a lot of jumps. (where the needle has to jump from one line to the next because they aren't connected. Jumps have to be trimmed after the design is finished sewing. So a lot of jumps means some time-consuming trimming.) It was nice to force that part of my brain to shut down and just have fun drawing. These take more time to create than I had thought they would because I convert them into vector files after drawing them, so hopefully I'll be able to create 4 more this week, but I'm working on 3 paintings at once this week as well so that might now be possible!

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