Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Drunk Cat with Clean Teeth

Gypsy is kind of a strange cat. I’ve had cats my whole life so I know, I know—all cats are strange.  But I’ve never had a cat before that is so absolutely determined to be up in high places (on people’s shoulders, on top of doors, the highest most wobbly shelf on the cat tree, etc.) Combine that with the fact that I’ve also never known a clumsier cat. Hilarity is inevitable. When I lived at an apartment that had stairs going up the second you walked in the door, I was always pounced on from the railing halfway up the stairs when I came home from work…and she would stay perched there for as long as I would let her, no matter what I was doing. She has fallen asleep and started snoring on my shoulders. She also has trouble jumping onto things that are only a couple of feet tall..its like she doesn’t judge the distance before she jumps. Or she has no depth perception…its hard to tell. She is a strange cat.
Strange cat, Gypsy developed some halitosis recently, so I took her to the vet  to see if it’s her teeth or what. Thankfully it was her teeth (halitosis can be a sign of kidney or liver failure). So she got her teeth cleaned Monday. They said she was good to go home when I got off work at 5. 
I have never gotten a cat back from the vet that was still this drunk from the anesthesia!
First, my already uncoordinated cat was seriously wobbly, but at the same time extremely restless. She would NOT just lay still.

Me: Gypsy, here, stay in your nice warm bed (which is on the counter in my bathroom)

Gypsy: whaaaaaatttts happening?? I don’t like this feeeelinnngg

*stands up and sways back and forth*

Me: Gypsy, lay down

Gypsy: I think I’ll go for a walk

*falls off counter*

*tries to jump onto the toilet and ends dangling by front paws*

*makes flying leap for counter and misses by a mile*

I locked her in her kitty carrier while I went and ate dinner so she wouldn’t get herself hurt.
Then the next morning her restlessness was gone. Instead she was a limp noodle who acted half asleep even though her eyes were open. I set her down in the hallway to see if she could walk. She slouch-ran to the bathroom and fell over upon rounding the corner. *sigh*
I was a little worried, but she was able to jump up onto the counter just fine (or at least as well as she normally can) and seemed to just want to sleep on her bed so I decided it was safe to leave her there and go to work. She was wide awake and able to walk normally by the time I got home around 5:30…I guess she just needed to sleep it off…
Last night she even had a wrestling match with her kickaroo and won so I guess she’s back to 100%

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